maison Osé

Unique and hand knitted keypiece sweaters and cardigans.  Made from eco-friendly produced mohair.

Handknit cardigans, gilets and sweaters


Maison Osé is a unique knitwear label based in Rotterdam. Our brand harmoniously combines eco-friendly produced mohair and hand-knitted fashion.

The result? Stunning and unique hand-knit sweaters, vests and cardigans that you will enjoy for a long time. These carefully crafted fashion keypieces add a touch of style to your wardrobe and offer endless combination possibilities. Discover the timeless beauty of Maison Osé knitwear and create a personal style statement.

Eye for detail and custom made knitwear


Take a look at Maison Osé's shop for a unique and hand-knitted cardigan or sweater. Here are examples of keypiece items. Unique and handmade cardigans and sweaters for ladies. All knitwear is made of mohair, silk, wool and alpaca. 


Custom knit cardigan or sweater

Are you looking for a custom made cardigan or sweater? Or are you looking for a custom knitted cardigan or sweater and want inspiration for your own custom cardigan? Then take a look in the shop. Let me know how I can help you further with advice on material, color and model.  

about me

All knitted mohair cardigans and sweaters are designed and handmade by me. My name is Karin and I would love to make your cardigan or sweater for you in your own style and to measure. 

Feel free to send me an email or message at Instagram if you want to know more about the possibilities. 

Much love,
Karin - Founder