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Unique and hand knitted sweaters and vests. Made with environmentally friendly produced mohair, of high quality.

Welcome to the online shop of Maison Osé. Here you will find hand knitted and unique sweaters and cardigans for ladies. Are you looking for a uniquely designed knitted cardigan or sweater? Look for the possibilities in the shop. On the Instagram account of Maison Osé there are examples of custom knit cardigans and mohair sweaters. Click here for the handknit bodywarmers By Maison Osé. The handknit sleeveless cardigans are a keypiece for styling your wardrobe 



Unique and hand knitted sweaters with environmentally friendly produced mohair and alpaca, of high quality.

Handmade knitwear ethically made with eco-friendly produced yarn

Hand knit cable cardigan of mohair yarn in forest green, taupe brown, coral pink and mauve blue. This short women's cardigan in eco-friendly produced mohair is hand knit with four strands at a time. These mohair cardigans are also made to order.  

The yarn used to knit the sweaters and vests is produced and dyed eco-friendly. The yarn is imported from France from the brand Fonty www.fonty.fr.  Maison Osé stands for ethical fashion, made locally.

A new design for your keypiece wardrobe are the knitted sleeveless cardigans in beautiful wool and mohair. Click here for knit sleeveless vests. 



Unique and hand knitted with eco-friendly produced mohair and alpaca, of high quality. 

Each cardigan or sweater is unique, knitted just for you. Please contact me if you would like more information about the possibilities. Would you like a color sample of the mohair? I can send it to you. For inspiration and examples take a look at my Instagram account

gebreide bodywarmer grijs

Knitted waistcoat Grey

Mohair and wool sleeveless vest in light grey

Two-tone mohair alpaca sweater kobalt blauw en kaki

two-tone sweater

Two-tone women's sweater in soft mohair.

grof gebreid Bernadette damesvest mohair strepen geel paars cyclaam

Bohemian multi color

Bohemian style lang damesvest in geel en lila.